Spirited Away: A Meaningful Story for All

Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli Store

Directed by: Miyazaki Hayao
Production: Studio Ghibli
Year: 2001

An animated film that has achieved many great achievements and is considered an icon of the Anime series certainly cannot disappoint us when it comes to plot, images, colors, sounds, … everything is great. Besides, the film also contains many metaphorical images related to real social issues, depicting the truth that everyone sees but no one dares to speak up. With the size of this film, I would like to confirm one thing that there are no details that are superfluous.

Spirited Away, is considered the most successful film of the Ghibli animation studio and is also the pride of Japan. It can be said that the film is a milestone marking the pinnacle of the Japanese Anime series, affirming the position of international cartoon production. Upon its debut, Spirited Away was a huge hit, winning the 75th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

Spirited Away’s 2001 sales grossed more than $331 million worldwide, surpassing even Titanic. In the Japanese market, the film earned 30.4 billion yen, making it the highest-grossing film in Japanese history. Receiving generally positive reviews from audiences and critics, the film ranks among the greatest animated films of all time.

The film was not only successful at the time of its release, but after many five names, Spirited Away was constantly mentioned such as: The fourth best movie of the 21st century, the most watched animated film in the world, in 2017 New York magazine voted Spirited Away as the best animated film of the 21st century.

The main plot of the movie

spirited away - Studio Ghibli Store

This is a classic animated movie that many of you must have seen. In this review, I will not mention too much about the film’s content, instead will analyze the layers of meaning, delve into the metaphorical image to see the “conspiracy theories” contained in it.

Chihiro and her family moved to the countryside to live according to her father’s job, on the way to a new home, suddenly her father went back to the road where there is a gate leading to the spirit land. Chihiro’s parents decided to explore that gate and accidentally led them into a village full of food, because of their indiscriminate eating and drinking, they were turned into pigs by the witch Yubaba. From here, the shy girl Chihiro has to survive alone in this ghost land, she gradually turns herself into Yubaba’s slave, she works in the bathhouse to repay the debt to her parents and the further goal is to save the life. parents, together return to their world.

In the journey to find herself and rescue her parents from the spirit land, the little girl named Sen by Yubaba has grown up day by day, resiliently overcoming difficulties with the help of others. good friends here, especially the boy Haku.

The meaningful story

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  • Greed has to pay a very high price
  • The author has given a lot of metaphors in the movie about greed such as the scene where Chihiro’s parents see food, the scene in the big bathroom, …. As a result, Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs. and the staff were swallowed.
  • Through hardships we will understand who we are
  • In the broader perspective, you will realize that this is Chihiro’s journey of growing up and finding herself. When separated from her parents, shy girl Chihiro is scared to be alone in this ghostly land. But for survival, for saving her parents, her courage grows day by day, courageously facing all challenges.
  • We only truly grow when we feel courage and love

Following the flow of the film, what we feel most clearly is Chihiro’s growth day by day. How did she get such great strength? It was kindness from friends that helped Chihiro so much; having the spiritual and love points of the friends here. Chihiro has more strength to move on, to cope.

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