What We Learned From “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

Kikis Delivery Service2 - Studio Ghibli Store

If anyone is a fan of Studio Ghibli, it is no longer strange to the animated movie Kiki’s delivery service, right. There are many reasons for each person to choose a favorite movie, for me, I love this movie because I feel I sympathize with the heroine, every scene is like seeing myself in the movie. There, I saw a young, full of enthusiasm, with the desire to fly out of the nest to explore new horizons. Kiki’s story not only gives me very real feelings, it also helps me understand a lot of things.

Kikis Delivery Service - Studio Ghibli Store

Sometimes all you need to do is just get started

When Kiki was just 13 years old, according to a very old custom of the wizarding world, 13-year-old children would have to leave their families to go out on their own. Even though her mother had emphasized many times that it was no longer applicable now, Kiki still complied, with undisguised enthusiasm. She postponed a planned trip with her family to fly away for the night. But Kiki is very lucky because there are always brave parents to let her do what she wants, even though they are still very afraid in their hearts. They saw the awkwardness in her flight, they saw the immaturity in her actions, but they still let her go, let her fulfill the dream in her heart.

As for Kiki, she never said that she wasn’t ready, never said she needed to practice more flying, finding a place to live, and surviving, but she had a lot of enthusiasm, desire, and a free heart. She didn’t wait for herself to be ready, but to prepare herself to face whatever lay ahead. You keep flying, just fly first, everything will be calculated later. Sometimes, we do not start doing something, not because we are not experienced enough, not qualified, but because we are not brave enough.
If you ask after risking his life like that, did Kiki get into trouble? Of course there is, but it’s Kiki, she doesn’t care what happens. From encountering a heavy rain while flying in the sky having to make a quick landing in a cattle carriage, and sleeping all night on the grass used for cow fodder, to getting lost in a new land with no place to live. , she did not complain, just calmly adapted.

Kindness is always the most valuable assets

With no relatives, no home, no background of an ordinary person, living in a crowded city with a fearful look on her face for a witch, you wonder how she survived. The answer is: Kindness. That’s right, no kidding, thanks to kindness, Kiki has found her own place to live, has her own delivery service, is invited to a party in town, is given a cake with her own mark.
We often appreciate a person’s ability, praise how talented they are, how hard they work to succeed, but few people compliment them on how kind they are in difficult times. When you have money and position, it is easy for you to do good deeds and generously help others, but suppose in times of need, difficulty, and hardship, do you think about being willing to help others?
While wandering around looking for a place to live, Kiki met a pregnant woman who hurriedly ran after her to return items left behind at the store, she offered to help because she could fly. The guest then left a message for the other woman about Kiki, saying she was a good girl. The woman took the initiative to invite Kiki inside for a drink, and offered to provide a place to stay. It was an old dusty attic, and Kiki was still happy. Early in the morning, she voluntarily went down to the woman’s bakery and quickly helped them with their daily tasks.

But she still knew in her heart that she needed to find a job so she could pay for herself without bothering anyone. She used her savings and discussed with the woman her plans to open a delivery service, with the advantage that she could fly. The woman allowed Kiki to use the store’s phone, helped Kiki find the first customers, and created the logo for Kiki.
But what makes Kiki’s delivery service successful is her serious, caring, and whole-hearted attitude. In one delivery, although she has arrived, but the old woman has not finished making the cake for Kiki to deliver, she asks her to apologize to the recipient and will pay Kiki because this is not her fault. But Kiki refused, she couldn’t help but receive the money, so she offered to help her make the cake again. The automatic oven was broken, she bravely and the wood-fired oven, for hours lighting the fire, baking the cake, even though she still has a party to attend. We can change, improvise to adapt to the situation, but having our own ideals and core values ​​that can never be changed or lost, for Kiki, that is kindness honest and honest.

Love your difference

Kikis Delivery Service3 - Studio Ghibli Store

Many times Kiki has felt that he is too different, unlike the people around him, unable to fit in with anyone, without friends. She was also moved by the old clothes she was wearing, covered by laughter, silently looking at a pair of shoes in the store that she couldn’t buy.

Once seeing a beautiful girl get into a guy’s car to go out, Kiki wandered around all day. Seeing a grandson’s emotionless attitude towards the gift that the grandmother worked so hard to make, Kiki thought all night. Seeing himself in wet clothes because the delivery was wet in the rain, Kiki left the party without attending. Seeing that the boy Kiki liked was in the same group as the girl who was unfilial to his grandmother before, Kiki realized that he couldn’t be in the same world as him. Lost, helpless, Kiki gradually loses confidence in herself. And the culmination of this self-doubt is that she has lost the ability of a witch.
That was the first time Kiki really collapsed. She tried everything but still couldn’t get those powers back. The delivery service closed, she was almost desperate. Meanwhile, she met very interesting people, a painter friend with a desire to draw Kiki, a kind old woman who made cakes, cared about Kiki and gave her a cake bearing the mark of a witch.

What I really admire about Kiki is that she never judges anyone, no matter what they do, she always tries to do good work, treats everyone kindly, until she can’t fit in. , she just left, everything comes from herself. Kiki still loves the other boy, when he is in danger, Kiki still does not hesitate to help. Although still struggling to find himself, Kiki’s heart is always full of love, and wants to help people. And this is also the miracle that helped her regain what she lost.

A girl who struggles to find herself again, determined to make a living doing what she loves, and wants to find friends who truly care and support her. This is a sweet story about love, also a meaningful lesson about being kind and daring to follow your own ambitions.