The Secrets Of Totoro Movies That You Did Not Know

The Secrets Of Totoro Movies That You Did Not Know

“My Neighbor Totoro” aired in 1988, is one of the classic anime by director Hayao Miyazaki, and is still a Ghibli sales record with over a million DVDs sold. out. Until now, “Totoro” has always been the most popular work of Japanese anime with a huge fan base, but most of them do not know about the secret stories hidden in My Neighbor Totoro movie

The house of Satsuki and Mei’s which is the nursing room

Satsuki and Mei's House

Miyazaki Hayao painted a western-style house for the Kusakabe family, but the house is Japanese-style. In the movie, this house is rumored to be haunted, and in fact this is also a metaphorical detail, because this house is built in a quiet place, used to treat patients, moreover people who live in this house also passed away.

The strong wind when Satsuki picked up the firewood was the passing cat bus

When Satsuki went out to pick up firewood was met with a strong wind, it turned out that this scene was director Miyazaki intentionally used to create the atmosphere, the purpose was to make the kids watching the movie more excited, in addition to tacitly reveal the wind. This strange was due to the passing of Totoro’s cat bus.

“The first time” by composer Hisaishi Joe

"The first time" by composer Hisaishi Joe

Hisaishi Joe is the famous composer of more than 100 soundtracks for movies, but the soundtrack for “Totoro” is his first work for children. The song “Path of the Wind” in “Totoro” has become one of the classics of Ghibli.

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Totoro’s prototype comes from Kenji Miyazawa

totoro under the rain

Totoro is a lovable creature that no one has ever met, and anyone must fall in love with its cuteness and ignorance. And the hunch about Totoro was taken by Miyazaki Hayao from a fairy tale by Kenji Miyazawa, the story of a boy searching for a mountain cat and meeting a tree full of chestnuts. Miyazaki once said: “The image of a cat standing there, a chestnut tree on its feet creaking, was the deepest impression on me.”

Totoro’s gaze was very dumb

Famous Studio Ghibli Characters - Totoro

When Hayao Miyazaki drew “Totoro” intentionally let his eyes always seem unfocused, showing its dullness, seeming to understand as if not. This accentuates Totoro’s naive cuteness even more.

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Mei was originally a 4th grader in elementary school


Mei was originally considered by the filmmaker to be a grade 4 elementary school student, but because in the story she is extremely docile to understand the story, the filmmakers have adjusted the character’s age to the 6th grade accordingly.

“Popcorn” is Mei’s magic to eliminate loneliness

The image of Mei holding corn corn has become a deep impression of “Totoro” fans, director Miyazaki said that she is confident that her mother, after finishing her grandmother’s corn, will be healthy and go home, so the corn it is the magic that erases the loneliness of the little girl. This is most clearly shown when she holds the corn in her lap in front of the goat, even after quarreling with her sister Satsuki, Mei goes to sleep with the corn.

Next stop after the cat bus takes the Satsuki sisters home

The cat bus character plays an important role in the back of the movie with a total of 12 legs, the seats inside are fluffy, so everyone wants to try it once. Director Miyazaki revealed: “It was originally a cat monster, because it was too interesting to imitate the bus.” After taking the Satsuki and Mei sisters home, the sign for the next station writes a Japanese word for “nest”, which also means that the next station is to return to its home.

“Totoro” actually has a sequel

The globally popular “Totoro” actually comes with a sequel! At the end of the film, it’s only about how after Satsuki and Mei’s mom got home from the hospital, the whole family was happily together, drawing a dot of fullness. In fact, a lot of people don’t know that “Totoro” also has a short film “Mei to Koneko Bus” which is only about 14 minutes, but it is limited to being shown at the Ghibli museum for the reception of visitors.

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